Access to FHI’s innovative products & ingredients

FHI’s ultimate goal is to bring dairy based innovations to the market, to improve people’s health, wellness and quality of life.

Those innovations, the results of FHI’s research work, are products, ingredients or concepts evolving out of the FHI Target Health Areas.

To understand more about how to gain access to these ingredients, please contact or contact the FHI industry partners directly.

Contract research with FHI scientific experts

Our contract research service has been used extensively by our industry partners since its inception in 2010. Since then we have also carried out contract research projects for global food companies, SMEs and customers of our industry partners. The scope of these projects has been very diverse, ranging from literature reviews to bioassay screens, human dietary intervention studies, processing solutions and assistance with EFSA submissions, amongst others. The specific competencies and experiences of the FHI scientists are employed to deliver the agreed targets.

These projects are managed by FHI’s management team for individual companies and are fully funded by industry. Results are typically delivered in the short-medium term, are strictly confidential and the companies are the exclusive beneficiaries.

To understand more about engaging in contract research with FHI, please contact Sinead Proos, FHI’s Senior Innovation and Commercialisation Development Manager.

Innovation partnerships

Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Programme is available for Irish-based companies who wish to work with us at FHI. With Enterprise Ireland providing up to 80% of the cost of the research, companies can access expertise and resources to develop new and improved products, processes, services, and generate new knowledge and know-how.

Here are some examples of how FHI can help add value to your business through research collaborations:

  • Extracting and enhancing nutritional compounds and/or compounds with bioactive potential in current waste streams
  • Establishing a screening platform to investigate the potential health benefits of your current products or ingredients
  • Developing state-of-the-art analytical methodologies to enhance your in-house R&D capabilities
  • Re-formulating your existing products to enhance their impact on health
  • Enhancing the value of your product by improving the quality of your manufacturing process

To find out more contact Sinead Proos, FHI’s Senior Innovation and Commercialisation Development Manager.

Research feasibility funds for Irish SMEs

Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist Irish SMEs in exploring business opportunities or solutions with FHI’s scientific experts. Although €5,000 may not seem like a lot of money to invest in state of the art research & development, here are some examples of what these innovation vouchers can be exchanged for:

  • Screening food components for potential health benefits
  • Literature review on food component & specific health area
  • Investigation of regulatory environment for new ingredient or product

Click on the link to find about more about these innovation vouchers.