Our Process

Peptides are formed when proteins are broken down by enzymes in the gut or by fermentation or ripening during food processing. Through an intelligent milk mining programme and an extensive bioassay screening platform, FHI has screened over 1000 peptides.  Some of these peptides are ‘bioactive’ – they have an effect on systems in the body. Seventy five lead functional compounds (LFCs), or bioactives with a potential health benefit, have been identified.

To measure the effectiveness of these bioactive peptides, we have maximised the potential of our FHI scientific continuum, whereby our partners from academia and industry both contribute their expertise.  This unique collaboration brings together research ideas and testing of research hypotheses to produce these bioactive peptides, investigate them in vitro, assess the mechanism by which the peptides exert their activities and carry out research in animals and humans to see if and to what extent the peptides have an effect.

Our industry partners contribute to the research and specialise in the back end of the continuum; evaluating, marketing and selling the results of the research to become a product that can improve peoples’ well-being.

Mr Jens Bleiel, CEO outlines the research work conducted across all institutions in FHI. Watch this video here: