Intelligent Milk Mining: Our Technologies

In order to generate completely new ingredients from milk with proven health benefits, Food for Health Ireland (FHI) has created the intelligent milk mining approach. With this approach FHI connects all required capabilities and technologies to a very structured, informed, fast and specific feedback loop between the fundamental discovery and generation of new milk components, the identification of bioactive peptides, the prediction of bioactivity and the final test of bioactivity in specific bioassays. Once bioactivity has been proven on lab scale, FHI scales the sample to pre-commercial quantities, confirms bioactivity again through the same feedback loop and adds sensory elements, food structure design and sometimes encapsulation to the research approach.

The intelligent milk mining team is a truly multidisciplinary and multi-institutional team and has the following expertise:

Enzyme Hydrolysis

Enzymatic release of bioactive peptides from intact milk proteins using food grade enzymes.

Bacterial Fermentation

The use of food grade bacteria to hydrolyse milk proteins to generate bioactive enriched fermentates.


Development of a mass spectroscopy platform to identify bioactive peptides in milk hydrolysates and fermentates.


Computer based technology to help study the sequences and structures of bioactive peptides found in milk.

Up-scaled Processing

Up-scaling of milk hydrolysates, fermentates and bovine oligosaccharide samples to pre-commercial levels. Separation and enrichment of bioactive biomolecules by mainstream membrane filtration technologies.

Sensory Science

Profiling of the flavour and sensory properties of milk bioactives using trained sensory panels, an electronic tongue and advanced chromatography.


Food grade systems to enhance bioactive stability, target delivery to physiological sites and maximizing the potency of milk bioactives.

Food Structure Design

Designing food structures for delivery of milk bioactives.

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This video provides a short description of our capabilities and technologies across all of our PROs.