Healthy Ageing and Performance Nutrition

The nutrients needed for healthy muscle in ageing are similar in principle to those needed to improve sports performance. Food for Health Ireland (FHI) Phase 2 will continue to look at healthy ageing and will incorporate a new health pillar focusing on performance nutrition.

The principal aim is to keep healthy people healthy and to promote the scientifically proven, beneficial interaction between physical activity and dietary intake in the maintenance of health. Nutritional status and the level of physical activity can impact our health as we get older. A healthy lifestyle, appropriate diet and physical activity can help to keep us physically strong and active as we age. Age-related changes in skeletal muscle, influenced by reduced levels of physical activity and aberrant nutrition, can lead to frailty, disability and loss of independence in older adults.

From a public health perspective, this has far-reaching implications and FHI is working towards a nutritional solution for healthy ageing. The aim is to study age-related deterioration of muscle and to use this knowledge to support a lifestyle intervention (nutrition and exercise) that could help people enjoy active, healthy ageing.

Our performance nutrition work will look to develop a range of products to support the rapid recovery, growth and repair of muscle following strenuous endurance and high intensity exercise in men and women.

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Dr Brian Carson outlines with work of the HAPN team in this short video: