Appetite Modulation

Malnutrition, cachexia and sarcopenia are common problems in the elderly and can be present in individuals of either normal or high body weight. The causes of malnutrition in the elderly are multifactorial and include anorexia (poor appetite) of aging, chronic disease states, age related muscle loss and changes in the signals or hormones controlling appetite and satiety.

It is these hormones and their receptors that are the key to improving appetite in the elderly. The main focus of this research within Food for Health Ireland (FHI) will be to identify bioactives from milk that will have an appetite enhancing potential.

The appetite modulation programme, is subdivided into distinct, yet overlapping, research areas:

  • Generation of peptides for appetite modulation
  • Prediction of biological functionality before human intervention studies
  • Consumer acceptance of a peptide containing product
  • Effect of a novel peptide in the treatment of malnourished elderly patients.

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