Our Target Health Areas

The FHI cross-university and inter-industry discussions and collaboration have generated new insights about milk, its components, its potential as a functional ingredient for health benefits, the marketplace for milk/dairy ingredients, factors for commercial success, the regulatory environment for functional ingredients and many more aspects that could impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

This FHI scientific continuum allows our partners from academia and industry contribute in a strategic and on-going way.  This unique collaboration specialises in bringing together market needs and scientific discovery to produce bioactive peptides, investigating them in vitro, assessing the mechanism by which the peptides exert their activities and carrying out research in vivo to evaluate their functionality.

The most promising bioactives (‘Lead Functional Compounds’) are identified in a targeted manner and then taken to the next research level.  In this way, we are able to close the gap between initial predictions and commercially feasible opportunities for these compounds.

The research programme is strongly driven by the industry partners requirements and insights. By building on and leveraging the market expertise of the partners early in the process, FHI has moulded and aligned the scientific programme with their needs. FHI consists of six workpackages: Infant Nutrition, Glycaemic Management, Healthy Ageing and Performance Nutrition, Appetite Modulation, Healthy Cheeses and Intelligent Milk Mining: Our Technologies.