Regulatory Affairs

The Rules

Food production is a very tightly regulated industry and consumer protection is at the forefront of all rules relating to food manufacture.  At Food for Health Ireland (FHI), we have a responsibility to create and develop foods that have health enhancing benefits, are safe for human consumption and ultimately comply with all relevant legislation in this area. We have developed expertise to ensure that our products meet global regulatory requirements, both in terms of safety and requirements required to make health claims.

FHI closely follows the work of the European Food Safety Authority and other relevant regulatory agencies such as the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and other global agencies such as  the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. This ensures that we are at the cutting edge of this field and that our ingredients will have a better chance of success in terms of health claims as our research develops, which will ultimately improve the chances of success on the marketplace.

The Regulatory Affairs team of FHI focuses its work on other areas too. We monitor developments for Foods for Particular Groups, Foods for Special Medical Purposes, Food Labelling, and all other relevant regulatory discussions and developments. Our work is driven by our Regulatory Affairs Committee which consists of regulatory experts from all of our industry partners.

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