It is anticipated that the innovative research carried out by FHI will lead to many product and process inventions. To ensure the commercial potential of these inventions, FHI has an active policy in protecting intellectual property (IP). Within FHI, we have an IP Committee that includes the CEO, representatives from the Universities and industry partners and an independent member external to FHI. The role of the IP Committee is to draw up various policies and procedures to assess and advise on IP matters, and to help realise the maximum value of each piece of IP.

FHI Patents Filed:

  1. “An oligosaccharide enriched composition having immune-modulatory and anti-adhesion properties.” Patent received by the European Patent Office on 19th December 2013; number is EP13198686.1  patent filed by Teagasc Moorepark.
  2. “A nutritional supplement suitable for increasing lean tissue mass in a mammal”:  New International (PCT) Application No. PCT/EP2015/061607 in the name of University of Limerick
  3. “Peptides and compositions thereof for improvement of Glycaemic management in a mammal” Publication number WO2015/173266. This patent application has now entered the National-Regional Phase and has been filed in Europe, the US and China. This patent is jointly owned by University College Dublin and University of Limerick. This patent has been published.
  4. “A dairy product” – a milk with low protein content which is designed for toddlers. This patent was filed on 22nd December 2015, number: EP15202203.4. This patent is owned by Teagasc, Moorepark.
  5. “A dietary supplement for improving health and growth performance in a mammal”. PCT application number: PCT/EP2016/077332. This patent is owned by University College Dublin.