Irish study says people with higher dairy consumption have lower BMI

Research conducted by FHI, looking at dairy consumption and its relationship with metabolic health, has delivered some promising results for dairy lovers. The study, published in Nutrition and Diabetes using dietary pattern analysis, examined the impact of dairy foods on markers of body fatness and metabolic health in 1500 Irish people aged between 18-90 years of age.

“Simply looking at individual foods does not reflect the real story”, says Dr Emma Feeney, FHI Science Programme Manager, and lead author of the study. “What will really impact on our metabolic health, is the overall pattern in which whole foods are consumed”. The study also examined individual dairy food consumption, with one of the findings indicating that cheese consumption was not associated with body fatness or with LDL cholesterol. This echoes recent research from other countries that demonstrates that the saturated fat from cheese, does not adversely impact blood lipid profiles due to the unique ‘matrix’ of nutrients it contains. Dr Feeney noted that randomised controlled trials are underway in UCD to understand this cheese ‘matrix’ effect even further.

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