2 x Post Doctoral Researcher in Cell Biology/Molecular Biology/Biochemistry

The research conducted under the auspices of the Healthy Ageing and Performance Nutrition (HAPN) pillar of the Technology Centre, Food for Health Ireland (FHI), evaluates on the bioactive properties of milk proteins and their derivatives. The specific focus for the researchers appointed to the HAPN research group is the regulation of lean tissue (skeletal muscle mass) and the role of protein nutrition in the maintenance of active, healthy ageing and the growth and repair of skeletal muscle following exercise.

The appointed PDRs will work within a team of 10 multidiscplinary researchers to determine the bioactivity of cell medium conditioned with human serum obtained ex vivo prior to and following ingestion of milk-based proteins and their derivatives to regulate and promote de novo muscle protein synthesis (MPS) in mouse C2C12 muscle cells in vitro.

The appointed PDRs will be responsible for cell culture, measurement of key regulators of MPS by proteomic/molecular biology of MPS and de novo MPS by puromycin incorporation and bioactives present in human serum by single and multiplexed immunoassay, hplc and enzymatic techniques. The appointed PDRs will also have the opportunity to undertake real-time cell analysis using the Xcelligenceâ„¢ platform. Opportunities exist for the PDRs to extend the current portfolio of cell-based bioassay in accordance with his/her specific area of expertise.

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